Medical Services

Constantly adapting to address emerging challenges

Medical Services

When medical situations arise in dangerous environments, diagnosis and treatment must be quick, precise, and effective. SOSi accepts that challenge. In any part of the world, we pride ourselves on meeting all medical needs of the U.S. military, diplomatic missions, allied governments or commercial clients. We are proud to deliver:

World-class Expertise

Led by Chief Medical Officer Dr. James Phillips, our highly skilled, fully certified medical professionals deliver the highest quality integrated medical services despite the obstacles present in austere environments. SOSi’s customers can focus on mission success, knowing their medical care is in good hands.

Integrated Medical Treatment

SOSi’s integrated medical solutions are customized to each client’s needs. We offer innovative, patient-centric care that utilizes the most current technology in digital medical records and mobile wellness apps. Our diverse services include annual vaccinations, food and water inspections, health education campaigns, First Aid/CPR training, and healthcare direction in 55 specialties.

Advanced Telemedicine

SOSi partners with George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates to deliver sophisticated telemedicine solutions to deployed personnel around the globe. Our portable telemedicine tools improve onsite diagnosis and minimize unnecessary evacuations.

Top-to-bottom Quality Control

SOSi’s ISO-certified quality control program provides multi-layered oversight to patient care through efficient program management and effective health administration. Independent reviews of patient outcome and provider performance from para-medicine to medical specialty ensure each patient receives the best possible care and outcome.

Comprehensive Standards of Care

From routine sick calls to late night medivacs, SOSi’s medical services are in full compliance with the Joint Commission for Health Care Standards, Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration.


Medical services capabilities include:

  • Remote and Austere Medical Operations
  • Clinical to Hospital Solutions
  • Advanced Telemedicine Services
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Remote Behavioral Health Services
  • On-site Medical Training for all Levels of Providers
  • Robust Global Medical Supply Chain
  • Non-emergent and Emergent Evacuation Partners
  • Global Level 1 Trauma Partnerships
  • Board Certified, U.S. Licensed Medical Staff
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