The Insightful Analysis of Social Media

Exovera.PNGDecember 18, 2015 -- Exovera’s Andrew Katona joined a panel of industry and government leaders this week to discuss the topic “Insightful Analysis of Social Media.” The event was hosted by the Washington, DC chapter of the National Military Intelligence Association.

The panel brought together leaders in the intelligence field to discuss trends in social media and digital analysis, including the ways government and the business community can partner in the future on threat mitigation and counter messaging.

“Social media should not be viewed as a threat, but as a new opportunity to understand, more clearly than ever before, the way different populations view the world,” said panelist Andrew Katona, program manager, Exovera. “To succeed, it is imperative to combine analytical tools with expert human context and insight.” 

Moderated by Alan Silerberg, CEO of Digijaks; the panel also included Jennifer Lambert, foreign affairs officer and data scientist with the Department of State; and Graham Plaster, CEO of The Intelligence Committee.

“We discussed the need to make social media analysis more approachable and integral to the decision making process at all levels,” said Katona. “We also covered ways for industry to provide solutions for all organizations facing the challenge of analyzing and measuring social media today, as well as new trends in the industry, including the rise of tools used to filter “bots” and noise, identify disinformation, and sort fiction from fact.”

The National Military Intelligence Association (NMIA) was founded in 1973 and includes military and civil service professionals actively engaged in military intelligence careers as well as reserve, former and retired intelligence personnel and U.S. citizens who have an interest in intelligence and support the vital role of military intelligence in safeguarding our nation's security.

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