Security Assessment & Training

Constantly adapting to address emerging challenges

Security Assessment & Training

Building partner capacity

SOSi supports U.S. efforts to build partner nations’ capacity through a robust security assessment and training line of business.  Whether you need a strategic plan to implement a national biometrics system, embedded advisors in a ministry, or tactical counterterrorism training, SOSi has the seasoned expertise to get the job done right.

Our corporate staff includes experts in military, diplomatic, law enforcement and border and customs security.  Let us put them to work on your security challenges.

Delivering quality training

Whether you are fielding a new system, creating a new capability, or activating a new organization, SOSi can assist with world-class training programs.  We specialize in purpose built programs of instruction that feature tough, realistic and hands-on training.

We have successfully delivered quality training to allied nations around the world, offering a full range of training programs that includes counterterrorism skills, marksmanship, insertion and extraction techniques and advanced driving.  Let us create a training program to meet your needs.


Security assessment and training capabilities include:

  • Strategic, operational and tactical security assessments
  • Tailored and integrated organizational, training and equipping solutions
  • Force modernization planning and programming
  • Embedded advisors
  • Train-the-Trainer programs
  • Course of Instruction I Plan of Instruction (Col and Pol) development
  • Technical training in our partners’ languages
  • Role-playing and exercise support