Values, Ethics & Culture

SOSi's core beliefs represent a bold approach to business

  • We believe we can do anything, and we never quit.
  • We are fierce competitors, but we maintain the highest ethical standards in everything that we do.
  • We believe in team performance and individual initiative and accountability.
  • We believe in opportunity based on merit, because capability and performance matter more than title.
  • We treat our employees like family, which means that we give a lot but we expect a lot.

SOSi's heritage includes our founder's commitment to loyalty, hard work and success

Since its founding in 1989, SOSi’s business has been inspired by the principles and beliefs of our Founder and Chairwoman, Sosi Setian.

 “I always wanted to be the best I could be at what I was doing. I believe firmly in the missions we support and know we must be important contributors to their success. I am proud of all the employees of SOSi, whose dedication and hard work make it possible for us to continue serving our clients – to serve those who serve us so diligently.”

“I have always been thankful for the opportunities I was given. I believe that every individual deserves to have similar opportunities. I knew that my success would be their success if they stuck to the values that I tried to instill in them from the beginning. If you love opportunity, have the desire to give more and want to follow your dreams, you can do great things and find a home here.”

Now in its third decade of service, the SOSi team remains inspired by its founder’s principles and work ethic.

Then and now, ours is a client-centric, family-focused, team-oriented, corporate culture

From the very beginning, Sosi Setian demanded the highest ethical standards from her staff. She cultivated a culture built on honesty, mutual respect and family-like support that continues to define us to this day.

“It was important to me that everyone who worked for my company felt like a part of the family. Early on, once a month, they all came to my house for dinner. We shared a meal and our concerns, hopes and dreams."

“Even when there was bad news, we would share it with each other. I always told my team that they were not required to love each other, but they certainly had to respect and support one another. Because we all spent more time at work than at home, we had to get along and unite around common goals. And they saw that I meant it."


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